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ACUPUNCTURE helps in flow of Positive energy in the Body

Neck pain is one of the chief symptoms of cervical spondylosis (CS). Acupuncture is a well-accepted and widely used complementary therapy for the management of neck pain caused by CS. In this paper, we present a randomized controlled trial protocol evaluating the use of acupuncture for CS neck pain, comparing the effects of the optimized acupuncture therapy in real practice compared with sham and shallow acupuncture.

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis (CS) is caused by unspecified degenerative changes of the muscles, tendons, joints, and bones of the neck and shoulder [1]. The main symptom of CS is pain and stiffness in the neck, sometimes accompanied by numbness and radicular pain to the arms and fingers. The overall prevalence of neck pain has been reported [2] as ranging from 0.4% to 86.8% (mean 23.1%). In a high-risk population (office and computer workers), the 1-year incidence of neck pain ranged from 10.4% to 21.3% [2], and most of these cases are empirically determined to be caused by CS (hereafter referred to as CS neck pain).

The management goals for CS neck pain are to diminish pain intensity, facilitate physical neck movement, and restore daily function.

In acupuncture this falls under category of Bi disorders, which is thought to be due to invasion by Evil wind and cold, leading to Stagnancy of Qi and blood and obstruction of Channels Some of the common causes of neck pain are:

  • Poor Sitting Posture
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Muscle Strain
  • Overexertion
  • Sprain

6 Best Acupressure Regions to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain:

Shoulder Well: This point is located on the shoulder muscle, half way between the base of the neck and the end of the shoulder muscle. Stimulating this point helps in relieving stiffness of neck and shoulder. It also helps in relieving back pain. Shoulder Well Accupressure Point
Completion Bone: This point is located on the occipital ridge, in the depression behind the ear in the SCM muscle. Stimulating this point helps in relieving headache, neck pain and dizziness.
Shoulder Well Accupressure Point
Heaven's Pillar: This point is located on the occipital ridge, just at the side of where the spine enters the skull in the tendon. Stimulating this point helps in relieving neck pains, numbness and stiffness of neck. Stimulating this region also helps in relieving chronic cough.
Shoulder Well Accupressure Point
Head Region: The next region consists of a series of 7 points situated on the head. We have shown these points in the diagram with help of numbers from 1 to 7 starting from the forehead. Stimulating all these points simultaneously helps in relieving neck pains caused by arthritis and frontal headaches.
Shoulder Well Accupressure Point

  1. Eyebrow Ascension
  2. Deviating Turn
  3. Fifth Place
  4. Light Guard
  5. Celestial Connection
  6. Declining Connection
  7. Jade Pillow
Celestial Window: This point is located in the muscle, under and slightly behind the earlobe. Stimulating this point helps in reducing neck and shoulder stiffness and headache.
Shoulder Well Accupressure Point
Union Valley: This point is located in the web between the thumb and the index finger. Stimulating this point helps in reducing tension and uneasiness in the neck and shoulders. Stimulating this point is also a great way of relieving stress and anxiety.
Shoulder Well Accupressure Point


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