Dr. Vivek Gupta (P.T.)

An experienced Therapist who will do the best.

yoga trainer


a highly qualified professional in all kinds of acupuncture and wellness therapies.

M.P.T. (Ortho), B.P.T., P.G.C.M.T, D.Acu.,

B.T.C.M., D.T.C.M., N.D.T.C, M.S.M.F., M.D.C.P.T,

M.N.A.D.A, M.I.A.Ac.S., M.I.A.P. (India)

F.I.M.M (Belgium)

B.A.T.C (Australia)

yoga trainer

Professional Experience

experience not only in clinics and hospitals but also have cured Celebrities, cricketers, foreign diplomats and other dignitaries.

Ex - In. Hindu Rao Hospital, (2004) Delhi

Formerly at LLRM, Medical College, (2007), Meerut

Shiromani Award

Awards and Recognitions

recognised by many well know world level organizations and awarded also.

Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

Member of National Executive Committee, IAAcS

Recipient of "Expert" in Acupuncture International Awards (2012)

Member International Cupping Therapy Association

Gem of Acupuncture National Award

Shiromani National Award

Global Excellency Award

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